Monday, 21 June 2010

Solstice - It Can Only Get Better

I've been searching for the inspiration to write more rubbish here and having ridden to work in the thick, wet fog on the shortest day of the year seems like a logical place to start.

I have no idea what I've been up to since my last post except that I've been having a whole bunch of fun on my bike. The track is really a great place to be when it's cold and wet but I've been really itching to get a few K's under my wheels out on the road.

Last Monday I rode from Whitfield to Whitlands on a lovely sunny winters day and the taste for riding was right there in my mouth. There was barely a breath of wind it was a lovely 10 degrees and even the contrails guided our way up the hill. The descent was just as much fun, spinning out 52-12 much too easily. The company was wonderful too.

What am I doing next? Who knows. Right now I'm just enjoying riding and learning. Racing the track, getting my bum kicked by spotty teenagers. Bombing down hills on my lovely plastic bike or punting to work on the fixie in the fog.

Coming up I have the Preston Mountain Classic, Mallee Routes, the State Masters Road Champs, Aus Masters Roads, Perth-Albany-Perth and the High Plains Road Race. Beyond that, I'll wait and see.

Let's see how I go just writing about it a bit here as the days stretch out.